Vector Revolution 180

RW’s Edge banding machines supplied by like minded independent companies, from the VITAP entry level shaped edge bander to the VECTOR EVOLUTION which outperforms any shaped edge banding machine available currently available.


The VECTOR Revolution 180 is an entirely new concept in both its manner of operation (patented Vector principle) and the fact that it is only responsible for edging the panel, not for cutting out the shape. This has a number of advantages:
• The structure of the machine is extremely stable enabling the VECTOR Revolution 180 to extend to a field width of 1830mm in the Y direction.
• The VECTOR Revolution 180 overcomes the redundancy of existing CNC systems which are combinations of CNC machining centre and CNC edgebander.
• The VECTOR Revolution 180 fits easily with existing manufacturing technologies such as Nested Based Manufacturing where shaped components can be efficiently machined from large sheets at high speed and these components are then processed independently on the VECTOR Revolution 180.
• There are no issues of software compatibility with existing or future machines, in fact the machine is so simple to use that often the only change required when changing to different panel shapes is for the vacuum cups to be moved. All other settings including start positions often remain unchanged.

Key Features

Minimum external radius

20mm (2mm edge – material dependent)
Minimum internal radius
50mm (with edge applied) for 2 mm edge
Minimum edge thickness
1.2mm PVC with standard glues (Butt joins only possible on 2mm +).
Maximum edge thickness
3 mm
Field Size
X dimension 3500mm,
Y dimension 1830 mm
Panel thickness
16 – 38mm (5 standard panel sizes to be specified for dosing bar)

How it works

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