Vector Revolution 120

RW’s Edge banding machines supplied by like minded independent companies, from the VITAP entry level shaped edge bander to the VECTOR EVOLUTION which outperforms any shaped edge banding machine available currently available.


The VECTOR Revolution 120 is a natural progression of the Patented VECTOR Revolution process but packaged in a smaller body. The essential features of the 180 remain. No programming. Simultaneous processing. Simple to own, simple to operate, simple to maintain. The VECTOR Revolution 120 incorporates some unique features which further enhance the performance of the machine. These include the SideWinder trimmer unit which is flexibly mounted on the aggregate allowing the gluing, edging trimming and surface scraping all to be completed in one pass.

Key Features

Machine Frame

The load carrying frame structure is fabricated from heavy plate steel and box section. It is extremely rigid and provides a wide stable support for the working aggregate and table.


All components used in the manufacture of the machine are of the finest quality. All bearings, pneumatic and electrical components are sourced from international companies and are available and supported worldwide.

Control System

The patented operating system is controlled by a PLC with easy operator interface via a 15” touch screen. (Screen shown in photo different to actual).

Sidewinder Trimmer Unit

The clever suspension of this unit enables it to follow complex shapes (including keyboard cutouts) with ease. Top and bottom tracer shoes and a horizontal shoe control the LEUCO radius cutter heads as they travel around the panel in the same pass as the edge application pass.

Cartridge Glue System

The glue is applied to the edge prior to it being applied to the workpiece. The cartridge system offers tremendous benefits in this type of application. Of particular note is that the glue is applied to the edgetape only to the width of the workpiece.

Ease of Set Up

Changing from one tape size to another is extremely simple with the operator only having to make a simple positive adjustment to the glue height, feed the new width of tape and adjust the tape guide height.

How it works

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