Stema Zaniah

Engineering solutions to drilling and insertion, board storage systems for small and volume manufacturers.


The ZANIAH machining center is a semiautomatic machine to perform drilling operations with the panel advancing transversely. The work center is moved and managed by a numerical control system supervised by a personal computer, on which it is possible to manage the various states of the machine and the production list. The movement of the panel and the drilling work cycle are set and stored in the operating logic of the electronic program.
The ZANIAH machine is a numerically controlled drilling and milling center The main feature of this machining center is that the panel is loaded horizontally with the long side in the direction of travel, on a workbench and is approached to the stop side with the automatic adjusters. The tools are placed on a carriage that moves orthogonally on the work surface.

Key Features

Photocells and sensors

Signalling the presence of the panel.

Horizontal or vertical vice
Ensures the locking of the panel in a stable manner even with static and dynamic loads during the execution of work processes on the panel itself.
The axis X, Y and Z
Can be of various types, depending on the application needs and the type of machine in which it is inserted
Motor conveyor belts
Transports the panel horizontally, favoring the loading and unloading
The drilling group
Used to make holes and is able to reproduce workings at different scales starting from a drawing
The independent spindles
With one or more boring heads consisting of an independent spindle, complete with automatic lubrication system

How it works

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