Stema Tabit

Engineering solutions to drilling and insertion, board storage systems for small and volume manufacturers.


N.C. MACHINE ON 3-AXIS (X-Y-Z) WITH HORIZONTAL – VERTICAL 5×32 DRILLING UNITS, INSERTING UNITS FOR GLUE & DOWELS. Heavy steel frame on which the working bench is mounted, completely free of restrictions on both sides so that it is possible to work even long pieces.
The Wraplist is the main software for managing the production cycle on the line and it is directly connected to the software Albatros that gives all the commands to the numeric control. The operator can call up the individual program or the list of programs by the keyboard or a barcode reader. This module can be customized by a qualified STEMA engineer.

Key Features

X Axis
Movement of the axis is made by motor brushless on pinion-rack with tilted teeth. Working stroke 0-1.300 mm; Speed 70 m/min.

Y Axis

The vertical movement of the axis is made by endless screw with recirculating ball nut. Programmable speed; Speed 20 m/min

Z Axis

Movement of the group for the hole depth is made by recirculation ball axis on double carriage. Programmable spee; Stroke speed 30 m/min
Electric Cabinet
Drives for the operation of the CNC axis. Inverter for the management of the speed rotation of the drills
PC Station
Processor i5 4gb HD 550gb minimum LCD19”. Operating system W10 – 64 bit or higher. Monitor with mouse and keyboard
ALBATROS 3.0 e Stema WrapList
Wraplist – Albatros ver.3.0 for managing and supervising the machine

How it works

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