Orma Vacuum Press PM/Air/System

The ORMAMACCHINE Membrane Press PM/AIR/SYSTEM is a machine designed to coat shaped panels either with thermoplastic PVC foils or VENEER by automatic pressing cycle.


IThe 3D distortion of the coating material is enhanced by the utmost operational versatility and simplicity of this machine. The innovative LOADING/UNLOADING system together with an electronic control of all the working functions and an expanding possibility by adding to the existing press a second tray, complete and further qualify this new exclusive realization granting a remarkable technological and qualitative leap which allows ORMAMACCHINE to be considered a worldwide top player in this field.

Key Features

Press Platen Dimensions

3000 x 1400 mm

Internal Flange Dimensions

2840 x 1338 mm

Largest Panel to be Processed

2750 x 1240 mm

Working Chamber Height

60 (40 + 20) mm

Total Thrust 

300 Ton

How it works

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