Orma Embossing Press - PSA

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Press structure made of Fe 430 thick flame cut steel plates without any welding and tied together by mean of steel pipes welded to the plates to create the press modules. Press modules are then mounted over two side supporting beams. All assembling surfaces (of beams, pistons, platens) are worked by CNC tool-machine to grant the parallelism during the assembling of the structure. Double rack and pinion guide system on length and width interconnected by torsionally stiff shafts in order to guarantee the perfect up/down platen movement. Colors: RAL 9002 for press structure, RAL 5005 for press details.

Key Features

Platen Size

2200 x 500 mm

Cylinder stroke and press opening


Total thrust

400 t

Max. specific pressure on 100% of press surface

36 kg/cm²

Loading on front side 

2200 mm

How it works

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