Nanxing NCB2808

CNC Drilling and Milling Machine


    – Automatically detects plate thickness and adjusts tools.

    – Multi-stroke cylinder-controlled cross beam for position adjustment.

    – 6-position in-line tool magazine for quick tool switching.

    – Vertical and horizontal tool setters for accurate settings.

    – Professional NC system and industrial computer.

Technical Data

Panel width

Panel length

Panel thickness

Working range

Travelling speed

Working table

Main spindle

Drilling depth

Power supply

Dust collector

Total power

Floor space

Net weight




X axis: 250-2800mm/Y axis: 160mm/Z axis: 60mm

X axis: 70m/min Y axis: 20m/min Z axis: 20m/min

Area: 2,660mmx420mm/Height: 980mm

Qty. 3 Rotating speed: 18000rpm Power: 7.5kw vertical spindle + 6kwhorizontal spindle + 3.5kw horizontaspindle


Voltage: 380V, 3-phase/Frequency: 50 Hz



LxWxH: 5.350x2.000x2.000 mm


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