Anderson GS710

In recent years there is increasingly higher demand for precision, speed and efficiency, which isn’t reached by traditional machines with rotary servo motors and ballscrews. Anderson researched for years a higher transmission system: linear motors, to provide the best price-performance ratio in the woodworking industry. Linear motor technology features high travel speed on X and… Continue reading Anderson GS710

Anderson Selexx Mate

Anderson Selexx CNC routers offer a first class CNC Machining centre. They’ve been developed specifically to satisfy the client demanding the utmost in technical quality and reliability in a CNC router, with a cost-effective investment.

Anderson Axxiom

The Axxiom Series sets a new level of 5-axis accuracy and machining performance. The combination of a highly rigid base, precision gearbox and servo system make this machine the ideal choice for plastics, aluminium and composite materials. Bridge (moving table) type machine equipped with 1 (one) 15 HP liquid-cooled HSK router head 1 (one) 8… Continue reading Anderson Axxiom

Anderson Mass

The Mass sets a new level of accuracy and performance for the large scale, heavy duty, open-gantry 5-axis CNC machining centres. It is an ideal choice for large format machining of aluminium and composite materials. The Mass open gantry design allows for maximum work envelope flexibility that can handle very large parts.

Anderson Stratos Pro XL

The Stratos Series traveling gantry 3-axis machining centres set a new level of CNC accuracy and machining performance. The combination of a highly rigid base, steel weldments and castings and high accuracy Servo System make the Stratos machines an ideal choice for processing wood, MDF, Plywood, Plastic, honeycomb aluminium and solid surface materials. The Anderson… Continue reading Anderson Stratos Pro XL