Anderson Stryker 5

This point to point through feed machining line has revolutionised the field of boring, grooving and routing, thanks to its innovative technology. The Stryker 5 has been designed to obtain maximum flexibility while maintaining a high volume output.

Stema Kuma

Stema Kepler

Stema Grafias Insertion

Stema Tabit Custom

Stema Dubhe

Stema Skat

Stema Grafias

Nanxing NCB2808

    – Automatically detects plate thickness and adjusts tools.     – Multi-stroke cylinder-controlled cross beam for position adjustment.     – 6-position in-line tool magazine for quick tool switching.     – Vertical and horizontal tool setters for accurate settings.     – Professional NC system and industrial computer.

Nanxing NDB201C

    – High tensile strength steel body processed by CNC machines.     – Rotatable boring block, lengthwise adjustable position.     – Digital display on each boring row.     – Quick coupling drill bits, depth adjusting device, decelerator device.     – Delta PLC control, easy operation.