Anderson Stratos Pro XL

Traveling Gantry 3-axis CNC Machining Centre


The Stratos Series traveling gantry 3-axis machining centres set a new level of CNC accuracy and machining performance. The combination of a highly rigid base, steel weldments and castings and high accuracy Servo System make the Stratos machines an ideal choice for processing wood, MDF, Plywood, Plastic, honeycomb aluminium and solid surface materials.

The Anderson Traveling Gantry design ensures easy access to the machine. Its modular concept offers various formats and sizes, setting a new standard for cost-effective, high-speed CNC machining. The CNC controls include Ethernet options for remote technical support and an optional C-axis. Workpiece holding flexibility is enhanced by optional clamping, grid, or manifold vacuum systems. The STRATOS CNC Machining Center uses industry-standard G-code, facilitating seamless integration with major CAD/CAM software and solid modeling packages. Additional options include workpiece dimension probing, single and dual zone capabilities, and custom configurations upon request.

Technical Data

Basic configuration

No of vacuum zones

Table size X

Table size Y

Stroke of X-axis

Stroke of Y-axis

Stroke of Z-axis

RT in X

RT in Y

RT in Z


3700mm (146 in)

2100mm (83 in)

3900mm (154 in)

2180mm (86 in)

350mm (14 in)

80 M/min

60 M/min

30 M/min

Spindle data


Max. Speed (rpm)

Clamping System

Tool Changer

Vacuum Pump Controller

15 HP


SK 30/HSK 63


10/25/40 HP ANDI FANUC

Boring Block

5+5 or 10+7






7000mm (276 in)

4250mm (148 in)

2950mm (116 in)

7000 kg


Reverse Air-flow

Bar-code reader



How it works

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