Edda Boxmaster 2500

Edda Packaging Machines is the powerful and innovative corporation which manufactures and designs packaging systems/machines for furniture, automotive, food and many kind of industries since 2007 at Turkey.


With the spiralling cost of per-sized boxes and the stocking costs, the chance for manufacturers to be able to produce their own boxes on a daily basis, reducing stock costs and with massive space saving, is invaluable. The Boxmaster provides this solution for a low capital expenditure and instant pay back.

Key Features

Tool Positioning System
Pin Positioning
Max Cardboard Width
2500 mm
Transversal Axis Speed
90 m/min
Longitudinal Axis Speed
45 m/min
Min. Distance of Tools

35 mm

Min/ Length
350 mm

How it works

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If you have any questions about our machines, or interest in setting up a new machining process. Our expert team are more than happy to help.