Casadei Flexa 507

RW’s Edge banding machines supplied by like minded independent companies, from the VITAP entry level shaped edge bander to the VECTOR EVOLUTION which outperforms any shaped edge banding machine available currently available.


• Control panel situated at the machine in-feed which can be moved to an ergonomic position
• Protection cabinet on entire machine length with polycarbonate windows for inspection of the units during machining. For access to working units there are two doors; first one with electric interlocking for gluing unit and second one with electro-mechanic interlocking for the other units.
• Machine base made of bended and welded steel that ensure high rigidity of the structure. Special openings for out-feed of not suctioned chips.
• Panel support roller conveyor placed outside the chain track on entire machine length with telescopic opening system and sliding wheels made of plastic with rotating pins made of steel.
• Feeding chain track made of industrial chain with high grip rubber coated pads. The chain track pads slide on two steel guides, one with a circular section and one with a flat section, to guarantee feeding straightness and resistance to lateral loads. Manual lubrication of the pads.

Key Features

Panel Height

8 (13)** ÷ 60 mm

Coil edging thickness

0,4 ÷ 3 mm

Max. coil edging section

135 mm2

Coil holder diameter

780 mm

Strip edging thickness

0,4 ÷ 8 mm (12 mm opt)

Feed Speed

10-18 m/min

How it works

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