Busellato Jet Master T

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Working center with computerized numeric control (CNC) with panel support working table and cantilever structure for machining of wood and similar materials.
• vertical drilling on panel surface
• horizontal drilling on all 4 panel sides
• routings with integrated tool disk in “X” direction
• general routings

Key Features

Useful working area axis X* – Y** – Z

Jet Master T


Jet Master T XL

3715–1320–180 mm

3715–1620–180 mm

5515–1320–180 mm

5515–1620–180 mm

Panel width in Y

1320 mm

1620 mm

1600 mm (1900 mm option)

1900 mm (2200 mm option)

Piece clearance in Z

180 mm (250 mm option)

Piece length in pendular ***

1300/2200 mm

Linear speed axis  X – Y – Z

X = 60  Y = 50  Z = 15 m/1′

Vectorial speed axis X – Y

78 m/1′

How it works

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