Barbaric Storage System

In today’s competitive market, reducing labour cost is the ambition of every manufacturer and machine automation is now more evident than ever before. Thanks to specialised suppliers, RW Machines can now offer you the ability to both save factory space and improve efficiency


Innovation in perfection‘. The panel storage system CSF Professional combines functionality, performance and design in one machine. With hundreds of systems installed worldwide barbaric has become a specialist in warehouse logistics and vacuum technology. For each company in the crafts, supplying or industry, we offer suitable storage solutions.


Unique design and narrow body. All essential functions and components are integrated. Touch screen and user control panel can be placed anywhere around the storage system


Know-how and design
CAD-optimized product design and low net weights meet the high demands of fast speed and short cycle times. Optimum use of space – only 100 mm lateral distance in all directions is required


Rotation function, panel measurement and angle correction
With the 90° rotation unit, panels can be stored in all directions. In each stacking process the panels are measured and weighed. High process reliability through continuous measuring and recording of the weight of the panels. Orientation of the angular position while driving. 180° rotation unit optional.

Key Features

Crane Runway

up to 50 m

Crane bridge

up to 13 m

X Axis (movement speed)

130 m/min

Y Axis (movement speed)

110 m/min

Z Axis (movement speed)

40 m/min

Panel Size Length

2000 – 4200 mm* (max 5600 mm)

How it works

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