Anderson Owen S510 (with vertical boring)

New generation CNC routing drilling machines for small medium sized workshops, Saving space by having the electric cabinet built into the machine body.


RW Machines is offering an entry-level, industrial CNC router, the Owen S510. The router is designed for nest-based machining, wood, plastic, composite and foam-core applications, and has a 63 x 122-in. table. A heavy-gauge steel base, AC servo motors, automatic tool-changing, a 10-HP vacuum pump and a 7.5-HP spindle come with each router. Maximum spindle speed is 18,000 rpm.

Key Features

Working table

3100 x 1600 mm

Working stroke

X: 3100 mm, Y: 1900 mm, Z: 200mm


RT, X: 50M/Min, Y: 50M/Min, Z: 10M/Min


15 M/Min


One x 10 Hp Andi SK-30 spindle (air-cooled) with 1,000 – 18,000 RPM

How it works

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