Anderson GS710

New generation CNC routing drilling machines for small medium sized workshops, Saving space by having the electric cabinet built into the machine body.


Traditional CNC routers have relied on ball screw and rack and pinion systems, limiting the axis movement and speed, and with the obvious maintenance requirements with “metal to metal” contact. The GS 710 now uses the very latest linear drive system which, in essence, “floats” upon a cushion of air, eliminating wear and with obvious maintenance saving. Traditional CNC routing speeds are usually between 8 – 24 metres per minute but, during the Atlanta exhibition, the GS 710 reached the routing speed of 90 metres per minute under trial condition!

Key Features

Working Table

3,100mm X 2,200mm

Working Stroke

X : 3,390 mm, Y : 2,395 mm, Z : 250 mm


X : 120M/Min, Y : 120M/Min, Z : 30M/Min, Feedrate: 50M/Min


One x 15 Hp ANDI HSK-63F (water-cooled) with 21,000rpm


ANDI-SYNTEC Controller + PC Front End (PC Hardware prepared by RW locally)

Clamping System

Vacuum pump is not included, preparation kits preserved for three pumps.

How it works

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