Anderson Co-Jet Printer

FLATBED PRINTER (fixed table) equipped with Piezo Electric inkjet technology, 720/ 1440 dpi Drop-on-Demand and Dual UV fixing ink system with lamps for a better print of high-quality imagines on hard or flexible, big size, thick and/or heavy panels. The possibility to Print in White gives the images brighter colours on both clear and coloured frames.



The Cojet is a true flatbed inkjet UV printer. With HD print quality up to 1440 dpi,for photographic print demands of customers, Cojet also has the option of High Gloss clear coat. A wide range of materials can be printed including: Acrylic, Melamine, Plastic, Glass, Wood, Mdf, Aluminium, Ceramic and Foam board. With motorised height of the print head up to 100mm, the Cojet can handle most thicknesses of materials. Table sizes start at 1200 x 1200 mm going up to 1600 x 3100 mm Machines come with RIP Software , PC . Vacuum table with vacuum pump is standard.

Key Features

Working Table

3,700mm X 2,200mm

Working Stroke

X : 3,830 mm, Y : 2,545 mm, Z : 250 mm


X : 80M/Min, Y : 50M/Min, Z : 20M/Min


One x 10 Hp ANDI HSK 63F (air cooled) with 24,000rpm


ANDI-FANUC 0i-MF + PC front end + IPC (OS Window 7)

Clamping System

Vacuum pump: 2 x 250CBM

How it works

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