Anderson Axxiom

New generation CNC routing drilling machines for small medium sized workshops, Saving space by having the electric cabinet built into the machine body.


Bridge (moving table) type machine equipped with 1 (one) 15 HP liquid-cooled HSK router head 1 (one) 8 tool ATC tool changers in indexing system. The spindle motor is powered by an electronic AC inverter drive systems each with dynamic spindle braking. Full 15 HP is achieved at 21,000 RPM. The Anderson fixed bridge and moving table design provides easy machine access in a compact easy-to-access design. Z-axis spindle carriage is a specially designed casting for high strength and inherent vibration dampening characteristics with a pneumatic counterbalance system for smooth and accurate operation.

Key Features

Working Table

3,100mm X 1,550mm

Working Stroke

X : 3,230 mm, Y : 1,880 mm, Z : 200 mm


X : 60M/Min, Y : 60M/Min, Z : 20M/Min, Feedrate: 25M/Min


One x 10 HP ANDI SK-30 spindle with 1,000 – 18,000 RPM


SYNTEC Controller with PC Front end + IPC

Clamping System

Vacuum pump: 1 x 250CBM/hr.

How it works

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