Casadei ALA 23

Casadei edge banders are designed for the small to medium industry seeking reliability and flexibility even in heavy duty machining conditions. The good quality / price ratio makes the investment even more interesting.


The glue pot has a rapid heating system which reduces machine preparation times and is also completely coated in teflon to facilitate glue cleaning and substitution. The adjustable operating temperature is shown by a digital readout; if the machine is not used for a long period, an automatic device reduces the glue temperature to prevent it from burning. The glue is applied on the panel by an heated and knurled roller and a special device guarantees that the unused glue is put back into circulation. The glue pot has a maximum capacity of 1,5 kg.

The edge is loaded in the machining point by an automatic loader for edges in rolls and 5 mm strips (optional 8 mm) provided with a proper economizer which reduces to the minimum the edge excess related to the panel length (in the figure, the spiked roller detail for the feeding of edge strips). The rolled edge of a 3 mm maximum thickness is successively pre-cut by a pneumatic cutter with a “guillotine” movement.

The pressing unit consists of 3 rollers with pneumatic adjustment of the pressure: the first one has a large diameter, it’s motor-driven and clutch-controlled; the second and the third have an opposite conicity to grant a perfect adhesion of the edge applied even on the borders. In addition, the pressing unit has mechanical adjustment of both the position and the pressure applied from the outside of the machine. As an option, the pressure rollers can be temporised.

Key Features

Working Height in Trimming

8 – 55 mm

Thickness of ROLLED EDGES

0.4 – 3 mm

Min. Length of 3mm Rolled Edge

250 mm

Min. Panel Width with Rolled Edges

65 mm

Feed Speed

10.5 m/min

Pneumatic Operating Pressure

6 bar

How it works

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