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Welcome to RW Group

Formed more than 40 years ago RW are now accepted as the number one independent supplier to the UK’s panel producing market. RW offer a wide range of equipment from the smallest entry level machines to the most sophisticated CNC routers and CNC machining lines. Allied to the main broad based equipment RW have successfully created over the years many “niche markets”. Membrane pressing, bubble and spiral wrapping machines amongst them. All now well accepted within the panel industry.

In more recent times RW have launched a range of flat bed ink jet printers provided by the world renown Anderson company. A further “niche market” which RW believe will also become an industry standard.

We partner with

We are proud to be partnered with our outstanding Principals. Through arguably the most extensive range of machine tools on the market, we never just sell products, instead, we provide the right solution for every individual situation.

Service Contracts – are available on all our machines and by signing up you will automatically receive discounts on spare parts, training courses and free Telephone Technical help.


RW pride ourselves in our dedication to quality parts, service and a constant strive to improve our customer care.

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